Blog by Luuk Verkooijen owner Bond cycling we asked him how he handles our sports nutrition.

I would like to introduce myself briefly, Luuk Verkooijen owner Bond Cycling, sports fanatic and BYE enthusiast. My sports career started with competitive swimming followed by triathlons and the last 20 years mainly MTB and road cycling. For over 20 years I have been allowed to guide athletes to their goals through physical training, mental coaching and many (sports) nutrition consultations. Sports nutrition is...

Look behind the scenes at ice skating team Palet property maintenance.

A lot of training hours means a lot of food, but how do you keep your energy levels up when there are hours of cycling training, intensive skating training, various strength, inline skating and running sessions and many competitions on the schedule every week? In this blog a look behind the scenes at skating team Palet Vastgoedonderhoud and Elsemieke van Maaren shares her experiences with the use of sports nutrition.